Do you have an external bookkeeper?

Does your bookkeeper explain how your business is tracking?

Do you have an external accountant?

Does your accountant review your business performance more than once a year?

Do you use a computerised accounting system?

Do you use a cloud based accounting system?

Do you regularly look at your business management reports (eg Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)

Do you know how to read your business management reports?

Are you registered for GST?

Do you lodge your BAS quarterly or monthly rather than annually?

Do you struggle to pay your BAS and/or tax?

Do you put money aside each week for BAS and/or tax?

Do you ever need to go onto a payment plan for BAS?

Do you lodge your BAS online?

Does your accountant or bookkeeper lodge your BAS?

Have you checked the rates you pay for staff with Fair Work in the past year?

Do you pay superannuation to your staff on time?

Do you pay each super fund via medicare clearing house?

Are you up to date with BAS and/or tax returns?

Does your accountant discuss your tax return and health of your business with you?

Do you know what figures you use to fill in your annual workers compensation return?

If you pay directors drawings, do you include these in your workers compensation return?

Do you have a bank loan or overdraft?

Do you have more than 2 business credit cards?

Do you mix business and personal expenses from the same bank account?

Does the owner take a regular wage?

Is there more than one owner taking a wage?

Do you have staff?

Are your staff paid weekly?

Are you aware of $450 superannuation rule?

Do you have a high level of staff turnover

Do you have a manager?

Are any of your staff on salary rather than hourly rate?

Are you aware of what government grants are available to your business?

Have you ever successfully applied for a government grant?

Do you perform annual staff reviews?

Are you 100% clear on the difference between an employee and a contractor?

Do you have a staff training program in place?

Do you know the billable efficiency of your staff?

Do you have inventory?

Do you perform stocktakes?

Do you track your stock turnaround time?

If you import, do you use a Forex exchange house rather than your bank to pay in a foreign currency?

Do you invoice clients within 7 days of completing a job?

Do you know who your top 20% of customers are?

Does your business model mean that your customers come back and buy on a regular basis?

Do you track number of customers per day/week or month?

Do you know the average spend per customer?

Do you know what percentage are repeat customers?

Do 1 or 2 clients account for more than 40% of your turnover?

Do you accept payment by credit card from your customers?

Do you know what your debtor days are?

Have you had to write off any bad debts in the past 12 months?

Do you pay your suppliers on time?

Do you sometimes pay suppliers by cash?

Do you accurately record all cash payments to suppliers?

Do you regularly change your suppliers?

Do you do an annual price review with suppliers?

Would you notice if your suppliers put their prices up?

Do you have any outstanding supplier debt in excess of 45 days?

Do you know what your creditor days are?

Do you know your % cogs to turnover

Do you know your % wages to turnover

Do you know your % profit to turnover

Do you know your % rent to turnover

Do you track marketing conversion rates?

Have you had your current business for more than 3 years?

Do you look at your management reports for your business on a monthly basis?

Do you know which reports you should be looking at?

Do you have a cash flow forecast?

Do you set budgets for your expenses and sales?

Do you track actual spend against budget?

Do you know what your annual turnover is?

Do you know what your monthly turnover is?

Do you know what your net profit is as a percentage and as a figure?

Do you take owner's drawings / wages on a regular basis?

Has your profit increased over last year?

Do you know how you sit compared to your industry benchmarks?

Do you have many nearby competitors

Do you know who your target market is?

Do you raise your prices each year?

Do you have or have you in the past year had cash flow issues?

Does your business have seasonal trends?